Accelerate on your path to Wellness, Balance and Joy!

David Wagner Father of Tachyonization
Our sincerest wish for you and yours to meet on Thanksgiving Day by giving thanks for who you are and that all that helped you get there.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

The day following Thanksgiving, commonly called Black Friday, has become one of the year's busiest pre-Holiday shopping events.
This year will be different for many.  With budgets stretched, more people are focusing on decreasing stress by increasing quality of life, wellness, and joy.

With the use of Tachyon you can easily accelerate on your path to wellness, balance and Joy

Which Tachyon Proven Tools Fit Your Lifestyle?
* Youthing products and tools
* 5G cell phone protection backward compatible
* Daily Youthing with Tachyonized Silica Gel and Water
* Superconductor Tachyon Meditation Acceleration
* Sacred Space Creation
* Youthing Creams
* EMF Home Protection with Tachyonized Silica Disks
* Superhuman Tachyon Clothing
* Accelerating Brain Balancing
* Alleviating Back Pain
... And So Much More

David Wagner

Nov 23rd 2022 David Wagner

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