Tachyon Micro-S Explained

Tachyon Micro-S Breakthrough

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Since the invention of Tachyonization in 1990 and the subsequent USA patent in the field of Tachyonization, the successful use of Tachyonized tools has always hinged on the quality of the different Tachyon delivery methods. 

For example, in 1992, David Wagner, working with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, discovered that Tachyonizing herbs is a superior consumable delivery method. For instance, when Tachyonized dandelions are ingested, we know that they will be absorbed directly into the liver, turning it into an active Tachyon antenna. As a result, we have developed over 40+ such organ-specific products targeting almost every organ, gland, or system.

Tachyon Micro-S signifies a breakthrough that we have incorporated into our standard topical delivery methods with profound results. 

All of our Tachyonized materials work by helping to restore order and balance. 

For example, it is well known that water is sticky. Therefore, it will hold and transfer foreign frequencies/energies. Homeopathy uses this principle in manufacturing homeopathic remedies. Placing a Tachyonized Silica Disc under a homeopathic remedy will charge it to a level where it can no longer hold foreign frequencies. As they bifurcate, the foreign energies/frequencies dissolve into all that is—leaving just the base product with no stored information.
A dark field microscope captures a different example. A study of sodium chloride and water solution reveals the formation of salt crystals. The ionic bond between the sodium and chloride nucleate creates salt crystals as the water evaporates.

Same solution experiment but with the introduction of Tachyonized Silica Disks. The outcome is truly unique.
The high charged solution supports the sodium (metal) and chloride (gas), in returning it to their natural form. The chloride as a gas floats away, leaving only sodium in its metal form visible through the dark field microscope.
No salt crystals nucleate.

Tachyon returning the solution's components to their natural states is a patented fact (USA patent #7,760,357).
Tachyonized materials restore order and balance(Tachyonization granted USA Patent video)
The new Tachyon Micro-S have the same effects as other Tachyonized materials. However, there are many exciting new attributes which no other  Tachyonized product possess!


1. Tachyon Micro-S are tiny hollow borosilicate spheres. Tachyonizing borosilicate creates a powerful, permanent Micro-S Tachyon antennas with a usable field of approximately 9 feet. Strong Product.  
2. Tachyon Micro-S are safe, non-toxic, and 100% environmentally friendly. 
3. A single Micro-S is virtually invisible to the naked eye. At the Tachyon Research Center in Colorado, a high-powered dark field microscope was required to see a single Micro-S. Under the microscope, it documented that a single Micro-S is considerably smaller than the diameter of a human hair. A human hair is between 70 and 120 microns. A single Tachyon Micro-S is between 26 and 30 microns in diameter, which is 2-4 times smaller. One could place 2 to 4 of the Tachyon Micro-S on the end of a strand of hair.  
4. Tachyon Micro-S has a low dielectric constant! a real game changer in 5G protection using in Tachyon Star Dust.
 This Micro-S technical attribute is of vital importance. What a Micro-S low dielectric constant does is naturally absorb energies/high frequencies.
6. Every 26–30 micron size Micro-S is designed to withstand a direct, crushing weight of 3000lb without breaking. This 3k crunch weight is essential, as it guarantees there are no fragments. The lack of fragments has been demonstrated in the lab.  
7. Like all our Tachyonized products, a single Tachyon Micro-S, creates order out of disorder. With over 70,000,000 (70 million) Tachyon Micro-S in every gram, Micro-S have a unique ability to create NEO fields and saturate the area with neg-entropic Tachyon.
8. The Thermal insulation properties of Tachyonized Micro-S keeps a room cooler or warmer as we see in Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust - Try it.
9. Tachyon Micro-S have a strong UV reflective attribute. Perfect addition to Youthing Cream, Panther Juice, Freeze and massage oils and gels.
10. By design, each 26–30 micron Micro-S are buoyant and will simply float off the skin when in the shower, or when washing with soap and water.


With the Tachyon-S addition, we have the most powerful, external delivery experiential potential. We are now mixing Tachyon Micro-S into our best external Tachyonized products. Tachyon Micro-S are a significant upgrade in effectiveness, producing the strongest Tachyon external products we have ever offered to the public. 

Some of the upgraded Tachyon Micro-S Infused Products: 

Tachyon Micro-S Panther Juice    
Tachyon Micro-S Panther Juice Plus
Tachyon Micro-S Ultra Freeze Plus 
Tachyon Micro-S Youthing Cream  
Tachyon Micro-S Ultra Balance Massage OIL Plus
Tachyon Micro-S Ultra Balance Massage GEL
Tachyon Micro-S Star Dust

A few developing Tachyon Micro-S products:

Tachyon Micro-S - Body Spray
Tachyon Micro-S - Head n Hair Leave In Conditioner
Tachyon Micro-S - Personal Steam tent with Micro-S infusion
And more to come.