Sun Spot Mini - Single

Sun Spot Mini - Single

A 5G-Power Pick™ 

Tachyon Sun Spots - 5G ProtectionSun Spot Mini (available only individually) were specifically designed for smaller spaces. Placed in the appropriate manner, the Sun Spot Mini is designed to facilitate the flow of Tachyon, which energizes and bifurcates energies creating a clear energetic space as well as a most excellent balanced atmosphere.

The Tachyonized Sun Spot Mini will bath your space with life-enhancing Tachyon energy. Enjoying a peaceful, tranquil environment is the result. The Sun Spot Mini counteracts the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that disrupt and destabilize the body.

Sun Spots are our best tool for rooms that are depleted due to 5G milli-waves, EMFs, electrosmog, spherics (weather generated frequencies), geopathic fields, cellphone pollution or human dissonant behavior patterns. They are excellent for homes, smaller rooms, work environments, car and meeting spaces.
Anywhere you want to support and promote mental clarity, purification, concentration and a meditative clear energy environment.


Place one Sun Spot Mini with the wide side facing out, directing the expanding energy beam towards the desired space.


The single Sun Spot Mini is approximately 35mm X 21mm.
It puts out a Tachyon energy field that extends approximately 22 meters (70 feet) at an expanding angle.
This is a single Sun Spot, not a set of four.

  • Tachyonized Sun Spot Mini Single

    Tachyonized Sun Spot Mini Single

    Your Price: $249.00
    A 5G-Power Pick™   Sun Spot Mini (approx. 35mm/1.4inches) is a small space energy clearing tool.  Effective in space protection and rejuvenation due to harmful 5G milli waves, electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, cell phone pollution, and...
    Your Price: $249.00