About Us

David Wagner, also known as Tachyon-Man, is a scientist, naturalist, spiritual guide, visionary, inventor, and energy healer. All his life he has been in communion with Source, his inspiration. 


In 1989, while meditating, he received a download from Source––a blueprint of instructions on how to tap into what we now recognize as an energy that exists prior to frequency. Recognized to be the source of all energy in the universe, responsible for providing the slower-than-light world, all that is needed to create the world of form as we know it. David recognized that when this natural flow of Tachyon energy is interrupted or an energy system is fragmented within a biological system, the system begins to fail.   His work also proved that a surrogate tachyon flow, in the form of a Tachyonized material, bridges and nourishes the system, offering it the needed energies to energetically return to wholeness and health, and if possible, the physical body would follow and healing and balance would be restored.  Global research provided proof that a system’s natural desire is to return to its perfect form within an energetic continuum.  He inevitably named his discovery, Tachyonization.

As history has proven, the greatest inventions are birthed through necessity. The discovery of what we now recognize as Tachyonization, saved David from living life as an invalid in excruciating pain. The straw that literally broke the camel’s back came in 1985 when at work for Digital Technologies, a completely full legal-size file cabinet he was helping move fell on him and as MRIs would prove, ruptured three lumbar discs. The event was to change this inventor-engineers path forever. The outcome of the accident left David severely handicapped. He couldn't walk for more than 10-15 minutes, he couldn’t hold his baby, make love or even wash his own hair. Life was reduced to a simple exercise to exist in agonizing pain. Over the course of two years, 14 orthopedic surgeons, and one surgery that went awry, David exhausted the allopathic solutions.  Dr. Barlas, David’s primary orthopedic surgeon, explained that the treatment possibilities had been exhausted and that this disability and pain would be David’s new normal. Dr. Barlas resigned David’s case in an application to the courts to categorize David as permanently disabled and with no further treatments available, and no ability to add to the world or work in any capacity.  David was placed on Social Security for life. 

tachyon-energy-treatment-products.jpgThey were wrong. David did not resign himself. Instead, one day, after being bedridden for nearly three years and living in agony, despair, and depression, he realized that since the accident, he had fallen into a mind trap.  David recalls the day he realized that for three years, he had “forgotten” to return to the inner guidance that once nurtured and motivated almost everything he had ever done. When he did return, Spirit was waiting. And with David’s permission, he was given a complete blueprint reorganizing everything he knew as an engineer and scientist into a form never before seen. A comprehensive blueprint for how to create a “machine” that would restructure at the sub-molecular level materials that would change everything.  At the time, David thought that changing everything was a personal change. He had no idea at that time that Spirit was using him to usher into existence tools that would change everything, creating a new paradigm in holistic healing and so much more. He followed the blueprint and in a few months he was completely healed. No more pain and 90% mobility restored. 


For the first time in nearly three years he could walk without pain.  It was sometime later that he realized Spirit had chosen him to be the guardian and the responsible being to share Tachyonized materials with the world. So, in 1990, David founded Advanced Tachyon Technologies and has built it into a multinational company. Over four hundred types of health, wellness, sports, mediation and EMF protecting products are available on his website––http://planet-tachyon.com. Over 31/2 million Tachyonized products have been sold in over 152 countries.

“I am responsible for the gift to the world of Tachyonization.  The outcome is Tachyonized products which fill the gaps and allow fragmented, depleted biological system to restore to whole health and harmony. I commit to continuing to walk this path of finding ways to get Tachyon health and wellness products into the hands of every man, woman and child on the planet.”  -- David Wagner