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NEW Tachyonized Silk Scarves and Pashmina Scarves are available

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Tachyon shoppers, the new Tachyonized Silk Scarves and Pashmina Scarves are in!!! 

Please check out the Silk Scarf by clicking HERE and the Pashmina Scarf by clicking HERE

New Product Update

Following is an update on products David and his team are working on:New Scarves are being released end of AugustNew 5G Ultra Phone CellsNew Eye MaskNew style Mini-VNew Mini-V configurations being testedto be continued .....

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Eclipse 2017

Did you have a chance to see the Eclipse today?Unfortunately, Santa Rosa had too many clouds, preventing us from seeing the eclipse! Now we have to wait until 2024 for the next solar eclipse.

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Tachyonized Wristbands in Black

Tachyon shoppers, we have the Tachyonized wristbands in black back in stock!Thank you for your patience. 

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Angelic Convergence Workshop in Chang Mai Thailand

  I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Thailand. I co-trained with Ma Ananda Sarita. The course was full of all possibilities. Chaos, order, expansion. In some, maybe you will notice the amazing Star Gate and Sun Spot Grids I built. Grids for almost every exercise. The effects were beyond any expectation. I apologize to [...]

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Tachyon Synergy Wellness Chamber - Building Pictures

Hello, Been taking pictures and though to share a rare behind the scene look at our team working on the Tachyon-Energy Synergy Wellness Chamber System.One of the hardest parts was finding a space build them. Our facility is 100% full. What you see here is actually a hallway in the middle of the [...]

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These are a few friends that allowed their beautiful faces to be shared!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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Coconut Oil Update - Jars Will Leak!

SUMMER HEAT WARNING! This Affects All coconut Oil Products on all sites. Beloveds, we have sealed the coconut oil the best we can! We have put each one it in a separate zip-lock bag! BUT, WE ARE CERTAIN THAT ABOUT 50% OF THE JARS SHIPPED WILL STILL HAVE SOME LEAKAGE. SO, IF THIS BOTHERS YOU, PLEASE WAIT UNTIL WINTER [...]

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The Tachyon Team would like to wish our customers and friends Happy Easter Holidays!                                            

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Tachyon Wellness Room Update

USA News: We have two Tachyon Wellness Rooms operating in our Santa Rosa office. We invite you to call and make an appointment for a FREE 20-minute treatment. Come once, twice or three times a week, it is FREE.    This is Chris. As a super-sized guy, he was concerned if he would [...]

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