Bangalore Times

Tachyon Energy:  The New Form of Therapeutic Healing 
Vinita G. Singh

It is being heralded as a new paradigm in holistic healing.  Based on the principles of Albert Einstein with its roots in the fundamentals of quantum physics, this unique form of therapy has practitioners around the world. One such practitioner is Indian and a practicing medical doctor.  Dr. S.K. Ramesh, Ortho and Trauma Surgeon at Rashid Hospital Dubai, Tachyon trainer, practitioner and lecturer at the Dubai Medical College for girls is in India to conduct a Tachyon Holistic Wellness course on pain management.  Speaking to the Bangalore Times, Ramesh says, “The aim of propagating Tachyon is not to completely eliminate other forms of healing, but to integrate it with other forms to achieve complete well-being of the body.  Tachyon Energy is a non-frequency based energy that is remarkable in the area of pain reduction.  Tachyon Energy facilitates healing of the body mind and spirit.”ramesh-tachyon.jpg 

Ramesh explains that the Tachyon principle is based on the fact that everything that exists on the earth is an Energetic Continuum. Tachyon Energy is the first energetic structure that emerges out of Zero-Point Energy and includes all energies within it.  It is simply the natural catalyst for the body’s self healing process.  Dr. Ramesh has been using Tachyon for over five years now.  “I spent several years studying Tachyon Energy and doing work on it.  I began by practicing it on myself and then on my patients.”

Ramesh uses Tachyon in treating fears, pain management, stress and emotional instability, diabetes, hypertension, body and skin care, memory loss, addictions and dependencies and diseases like asthma, tension and arthritis, which afflicts many Bangaloreans in particular.  “Anyone can learn Tachyon – the healing process is done by the person himself.  Initially the person has one sitting after which he learns to practice the form on his own. The Tachyon products are called antennae, and we give patients antennas and teach them how to heal themselves,” says Ramesh.  He has used Tachyon energy in the healing of maladies from skin diseases and alcoholism to asthma and depression.

Ramesh has also made several innovations in the field of Tachyon like Tachyon Anesthesia, Tachyon Energetic Surgery, Tele Tachyon Therapies, Tachyon Organ Massage Exercises, Tachyon Breathing Exercises and Tachyon Nutritional Therapies.  “People’s day to day working depends on the energy they have, if there is a dip in energy, overall performance is affected.  “Tachyon sets the balance straight.”  Ramesh has also devised a doctorate program incorporating Tachyon and four universities in India are planning to implement it in their syllabi.