Melatonin PLUS

Melatonin PLUS

A 5G-Power Pick™   

Brain activation and balance are crucial to thriving in a 5G world, making this a perfect fit in a 5G power pick tool kit.


The decrease in melatonin is associated with an increase in health problems associated in research studies with 2G, 3G, 4G, and most likely with 5G. Melatonin is a vital natural neuro-hormone that regulates the daily circadian rhythm in mammals.

Melatonin is the most potent known antioxidant; it has also been shown to protect against various forms of cancer. The pineal gland’s production of melatonin rises at night, and the melatonin is carried by the circulation system throughout the body, passing through the cell membrane and scavenging free radicals in the cell in order to protect the DNA. Melatonin also has many other vital functions involving the assistance of the immune system to maintain its immunocompetence, and it regulates sleep activity including aspects of REM sleep and sleep efficiency.

Multiple independent studies have found that electromagnetic fields reduced melatonin in animals and human beings. The scientific evidence includes correlations with altered geomagnetic activity reducing human melatonin, through the Schumann Resonance signal effect. The level of evidence exceeds requirements for a causal link, strongly suggesting that melatonin production is affected by electromagnetic fields and radiation exposure contributes significantly to the allocation of many adverse health effect rates.

When it is Tachyonized, we can use a lower dosage, (.5mg) compared to over-the-counter products to achieve the same effect.  A lower dosage is important as it will not create a dependency as seen with 3-5mg, but rather will help encourage the body to naturally return to its balancing point of not needing any supplement. 


Global research, studies and reports have indicated that C.B.D. has the potential to help manage patients suffering in certain situations. From chronic pain, inflammation, skin disorders, anxiety, and opioid addiction to other ailments ranging from mild to very serious.

Scientists know that C.B.D. is bound by en.docan.nabin.oids and then expressed throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. The en.docan.nabin.oids provide an amazing highway through the system. Once Tachyonized, the ingested C.B.D. is taken by the body to exactly where it is needed. 


C.B.D.-ISO helps Melatonin reach its destination, resulting in better results using smaller doses. Combine that with C.B.D.'s natural ability to calm and heal the body and you get an extraordinary product that improves your sleep and your overall health. 


Tachyonized Melatonin 
Tachyonized C.B.D. Isolate 
Coconut Oil 


Start with 9 drops (.5 mg Melatonin) 20 minutes before bed and increase as desired.
Do not take more than 5 full droppers at once.
One full dropper contains approx. 4 doses. 


1oz bottle (155 doses per bottle

Contradictions And Cautions: 

Consult with your physician before use of this product if you are using sedatives, tranquilizers, have an autoimmune condition, depression or are pregnant or lactating. Do not take while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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