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Silica Disks - VIEW ALL

Today, it’s possible to protect yourself, and your loved ones from electro-magnetic radiation exposure (EMFs) emitted in your home and workplace from appliances, computers––from anything that uses electricity. Research has proven, and experts report, that in most cases, Tachyonized tools are the solution. Install Tachyonized tools on your circuit breakers, smart meters, and then move on to computers, WI-FI routers, cordless phones, blenders, juicers, Alexa, and OK Google to list just a few issues of our modern world. The tools below can help you resolve the EMF issue. 

Tachyonized Disks Have Hundreds of Applications!

A few suggestions:

  • Put disks under the veggie drawer of your refrigerator to energetically enhance all your produce. 
  • Put a disk on top of your water dispenser to charge your drinking water. 
  • For use in getting a better night's sleep tape the disk to the wall or the headboard  
  • Energizes about 15 feet of soil, producing stronger, healthier plants, and increased yield of vegetables or flowers 

                                                                  More suggestions.

emf-protection-with-tachyon-disk-touchscreen.jpgnotebook-emf-protection-with-tachyon-product.jpg water-dispensers-tachyon.jpg charge-all-your-food-with-t.jpg  blender-with-tachyon.jpg notebook-emf-protection-with-tachyon-products.jpgmonitor-emf-protection-by-tachyon-products.jpg