Children's Immune Enhancer

Children's Immune Enhancer

This Tachyonized product supports children's immune systems. Many studies have found that Echinacea helps the immune system combat infections and viruses and recover from illnesses faster. Black Elderberry Fruit is very high in nutrients and supports the immune system by fighting viruses and reducing the cold and flu symptoms. 
This compound is useful for most day-to-day health problems of children. 


OS-39 comes in 1 oz. (30ml). Using 30 drops per day this bottle will last about 1 month.


Dosage is determined by the child’s body weight. Add drops to water or juice, 3 to 5 times per day. Most effective when taken between meals.
25-49 pounds: 5 drops
50-74 pounds: 10 drops
75-99 pounds: 15 drops
100 + pounds: 20 drops


Please check with a qualified health care provider for use with children under one year old. This is a safe and effective compound with no known contraindication. However it is not a substitute for professional healthcare. If symptoms with any condition are persistent, seek qualified healthcare.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredients. Always consult a physician before use.

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