5G - Awaken Our Consciousness

April-2022 - By James Bradley 

Why You Need 5G Cellphone Protection Devices


There has never been a more crucial time to expand the awakening consciousness on this planet. We are living in dangerous times where our spirituality is attacked daily. 5G is here---and with it, a whole new level of 5G milli-wave and EMF radiation exposure. 

But the good news is there is a solution to this growing problem. The solution is: 5G Tachyon Ultra Phone Disk and protection devices

Many experts are growing concerned about the potential risks of 5G technology, and for good reason. Countless studies show that cellphone radiation can be highly dangerous to our health. 

More than 220 scientists from over 40 countries have recently expressed "serious concerns" over the EMF waves created by our electronic devices. This came even before the release of 5G, showing our leaders are neglecting to focus on our health.

Unfortunately, the damage of this technology is only going to get worse over time. That is why it is crucial to be proactive and protect yourself from the 5G global rollout. Moreover, to protect yourself from 5G radiation from your phone, you will need a 5G Tachyon Ultra Phone Disk.

This article will discuss the benefits of using Tachyon cellphone protection devices. We will also explain how they keep you safe from 5G and EMFs in the dangerous new age of 5G technology.

What's So Dangerous About EMF and 5G?

We're only beginning to understand the potential risks of cellphone EMF radiation. But already, studies show the alarming effects of this technology.
Now, we're adding 5G to the mix before we come to terms with the current dangers of modern EMF and 4G technology.

EMF exposure can lead to a variety of health problems such as:


  • Cancer
  • DNA damage
  • Decreased fertility
  • Reproductive harm
  • Neurological problems
  • Learning disabilities
  • Immune system issues
  • Sleep problems

The rollout of 5G by our government is reckless and borderline criminal. Moreover, it challenges the principles of the 1949 Nuremberg Code, which applies to all human experiments. The 5G rollout is a human experiment.

Furthermore, as the effects of 5G integrate into our society without the proper research to prove it is safe, anyone could see why there is reason to worry.

As we continue to increase our use of electronic devices, we will only see the problems grow. Now, as 5G integrates with the internet of things, it will pose an even greater threat to human, plant, and animal health around the globe.

5G technology has a limited range of effectiveness of about 1,000 feet. This is because 5G frequencies have trouble transmitting through solid material. The range of 5G is not even 2% of what our current 4G technology can achieve.

This means that 5G towers soon will need to be erected everywhere to harness the 5G milli-wave technologies. The US government is subsidizing the replacement of old towers with new 5G towers every five to ten houses in urban areas.

And exposure to 5G will soon be unavoidable for many urban communities. This is why it is vital to get proactive about protecting yourself and your family.

Why You Need Tachyon Disks for 5G Cellphone Protection

Tachyon 5G cellphone protection disks are a cutting-edge development in 5G protection technology. They work by blocking the bifurcation of 5G disruptors which creates a life-enhancing energy field.

This energy field helps you recover from 5G and EMFs, maintain a healthy, energetic balance in your body, and cancel out the harmful effects of 5G milli-wave radiation.


The latest era of cellphones use 5G and operate at highly hazardous levels of 5G EMFs. Many studies support the idea that EMFs and especially 5G milli-waves cause serious health issues.

EMFs also harm our planet and our environment. It kills plants and wildlife and negatively impacts our ecosystems.

Tachyonized products are the only US patent testing EMF and 5G protection devices on the market. The products also offer full-spectrum protection against 5G radiation.

They are unique in that they negate the disruptors of 5G milli-wave radiation. This is because Tachyon devices work at the subatomic level, where 5G milli-waves are generated.

Our bodies are composed of Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs explained) that keep us healthy and balanced. Nevertheless, harmful EMF and 5G milli-wave radiation depletes and disrupts these SOEFs, causing various health problems.

Tachyonized devices help to re-establish balance and health in your body's SOEFs and provide much more than just protection from 5G and EMF exposure. Not only are Tachyon devices incredibly effective, but they're also portable and easy to use. 

5G Tachyon devices can be worn as a necklace, placed on your cellphone, or even utilized on a keychain. This makes them the perfect 5G and EMF protection solution for people on the go.


The Benefits of Using Tachyon 5G Cellphone Protection Devices

When you use a Tachyon device, you are essentially surrounding yourself with an invisible force field of electromagnetic and 5G protection. Tachyon, 5G phone micro-disks stop the 5G disruptors from bifurcating and promote a life-enhancing field that protects the user.

Reduced EMF and 5G Radiation Exposure

Tachyon 5G devices emit the source energy field that biological systems use to cancel out the harmful effects of 5G milli-wave radiation and EMFs. Tachyon devices sub-atomically transform SOEFs into a life-affirming, balanced energy source. 

Improved Sleep

Many Tachyonized sleep-enhancing devices can help with sleep problems. Tachyon devices like the Tachyon Sleep Pad help replenish and rejuvenate the SOEFs in our bodies. This helps to improve sleep quality and duration, leaving you feeling your best.

Enhanced Fertility

5G and EMF exposure is linked to fertility problems in both men and women because of its ability to disrupt the SOEFs in our bodies. Tachyon devices stop the 5G disruptors from bifurcating. Without bifurcation issues, your body can restore natural balance to improve fertility. 

Increased Energy Levels

Tachyon devices can lead to increased energy levels and overall wellbeing. This is because they assist in minimizing EMF and 5G disruptors. At the same time, they restore the body's natural equilibrium. When the body is balanced, it works more efficiently and produces more energy. 

Improved Mental Clarity

EMF and 5G cause a build-up of free radicals in the body. This leads to inflammation and other health problems that cause brain fog, weakness, and damage. Tachyon devices help the body naturally reduce free radical production and improve your mental sharpness. 

Reduced Stress Levels

Tachyon 5G devices help lower stress caused by EMF and 5G saturating fields and help restore balance to your body. When your body is balanced, it is easier to cope with stressors. This leads to lower stress levels and improved overall health and wellbeing. 

Get Proactive with Tachyon 5G and EMF Protection Devices

Today, 5G milli-wave and EMF radiation is a serious health hazard that will only worsen over time. The government-backed mass rollout is already here, but it is not too late to get prepared.

With Tachyon 5G devices, you can take the proactive steps needed to protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of 5G.

It is only a matter of time before 5G is everywhere, so get prepared with a Tachyon 5G cellphone protection device today.

Tachyon 5G products are the only 5G and EMF protection devices that negate 5G and EMF disruptors on the market. They are portable, easy to use, and they offer full-spectrum protection from 5G and EMFs!