A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing

Tachyon Energy is the link between form and formless and offers the possibility for opening an exogate (a doorway between form and the formless) into All That Is.
Using Tachyon Energy is a huge advantage, because it reduces the possibility of unwanted side effects to zero. Therefore, we can honestly say that Tachyon Energy is something totally different and cannot be compared to any other form of energetic medicine or subtle energy amplifiers. 

Now is the Future! 

The following is an excerpt from: Tachyon Energy - A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing written by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., D.D. and Prof. David Wagner, Ph.D. 

Tachyon Product - Life PadHolistic health, harmony and healing of the body, emotions, mental and spiritual levels are all based on an energy source that is integral to our existence. Therefore, healing at any level is very dependent on tapping into the primordial energy that is the source of existence. From maintenance and rejuvenation to the deepest levels of holistic healing, all are made possible by our ability to tap into the energy source that energizes and creates the form of all material existence as we know it. 

To appreciate and truly understand the principles of healing with Tachyon, it is helpful to briefly review the vibrational healing theories of holistic medicine. The vibrational approach includes such therapies as: orgone, magnetic field, radionics, bio resonance, photon energy, homeopathy, and healing work with sacred geometry, crystals, color, flower and gem elixirs, sound and many more. Frequencies are further complicated by individualized oscillations and right or left spins. All these methods of healing are based on one common principle: Within our Energetic Continuum of subtle bodies, obstructions can manifest on any frequency level. These obstructions can then cause health problems. 

Properly applied, the use of energies with specific frequencies can lead to excellent results if, in fact, one knows what frequency they are dealing with and how long to apply the frequency. Yet all such methods have three significant drawbacks which are unavoidable:

Tachyon - Picture of Sun Energy1. The effects of energy with a specific frequency, as used in vibrational medicine, are limited to the range of that frequency. 
Photon energy, for example, is described as packets of light energy. Scientists use this concept to refer to the particle-like aspects of light. Photons are always associated with an electromagnetic wave of a definite frequency. The frequency is between .4 - .65 micrometers. Currently, there is one frequency energy tool that emits photon energy from the far–infrared spectrum of .4 - .16 micrometers wavelength. It is a small electromagnetic wave of the total frequency possibility of photon energy. This narrow frequency does correspond to a frequency in the energetic body. If there were a blockage in this narrow frequency range, then there would be a deficiency of energy between the blocked level and the physical body. But what if the blockage lies between 18 to 35 micrometers? Well then, applying this photon energy frequency might have some indirect influence, but it surely would not clear the blockage from, nor could it reconnect the system to, the Energetic Continuum. One of the significant drawbacks to frequency therapies is the need to know the exact frequency of the blockage in order to apply the right frequency treatment.

2. All subtle therapeutic methods other than Tachyon are only isolated frequencies of the whole. 
Accessing the complete spectrum of frequency and information to clear the entire system and restore total functionality of our Energetic Continuum is very rare and difficult using a single frequency approach because people may have multiple blocks at different frequencies. 

3. Energies of a specific frequency can also have harmful effects. 
There are two basic reasons for this:
A) An excess of any frequency can potentially be just as harmful as an energy deficiency.
B) Since a frequency has no intelligence, it is left to the wisdom, insights and training of the user to determine the actual exposure time and which specific frequency is needed. 

Tachyon - Sun BurnFor example: The sun is a magnificent source of photon energy. Approximately 20 - 30 minutes of exposure per day is necessary for optimum health. Yet, this same ball of photon energy will burn you to a crisp if you are exposed for 4 or 5 hours. The reason for this is that photon energy, like all frequencies, has no intelligence. It doesn’t know when to start or stop! Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide when to stop the exposure, by getting out of the sun.
Another example is excess exposure to magnetic energy. For instance, it is known that magnets work on a specific frequency with the North and South Poles having opposite effects. The South Pole is activating. If it is used for too long, it can create a hyper-activity in the system and cause harm. Dr. Gabriel Cousens, director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center and author of Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow DietSevenfold Peace, and Conscious Eating, demonstrated through clinical experience that some people using magnetic mattresses developed high blood pressure, which fortunately went away when they were told to stop using a magnetic mattress. This can happen because magnets operate on a frequency and have intensity, but do not have a built-in intelligence to know when to stop broadcasting.

Tachyon - Energetic Continuum Tachyon Energy is totally different than both of these examples. Tachyon is not a frequency, nor is it a frequency approach. Frequency, oscillation or spin do not exist at the level at which Tachyon operates. Its effects are regulated by the internal wisdom of the SOEFs. When Tachyon is applied to an area, the SOEFs convert what they need to restore themselves to perfect balance and order. Tachyon does not heal. Rather, it provides the energy for the body to heal itself. These simple examples are meant to provide insight into the difficulties inherent in frequency-oriented medicines, as well as the mixed results obtained by using them. 

Using Tachyon Energy is a huge advantage, because it reduces the possibility of unwanted side effects to zero. Therefore, we can honestly say that Tachyon Energy is something totally different and cannot be compared to any other form of energetic medicine or subtle energy amplifiers. 

Tachyon Energy is the link between form and formless and offers the possibility for opening an exogate (a doorway between form and the formless) into All That Is. 

Another wonderful aspect of using only the source energy is that we do not have to deal with unwanted side effects. Even if we apply so much energy that parts of our organism experience a very strong, very quick healing effect and other parts don’t quite catch up, it is not a problem. Tachyon Energy sometimes causes detoxification and healing reactions. For a very short time, one may feel overwhelmed, but there will never be a negative outcome. Tachyon Energy is also free of another limitation. It doesn’t require a lot of knowledge and experience to apply it correctly, because the body is in charge of the healing process. Tachyon is not forcefully applied for a certain specific effect. Empowered by Tachyon, the body produces its own healing effects. Tachyon Energy is simply the natural catalyst for this self-healing process.