Bronchial Asthma Remedy

Bronchial Asthma Remedy

The compound relaxes bronchial muscles and promotes bronchial/pulmonary dilation enabling a greater flow of oxygen and optimal respiratory functioning.  


Especially for chronic bronchial asthma and mild asthma attacks. Continued use can moderate or eliminate chronic symptoms that occur between attacks such as wheezing and shortness of breath. The frequency, duration, and intensity of the asthma attack can be lessened.


OS-8 comes in 1 oz. (30ml). Using 30 drops per day this bottle will last about 1 month.


Shake well before use.
Between attacks:
 15 to 20 drops in water, two to four times per day. Last dose of the day may be taken just before bedtime to facilitate sleep. Best results may be achieved with several weeks of continued treatment.
Mild attacks: 15 to 20 drops in water every one to three hours as needed. Use depends upon severity of the attack and response to treatment. Do not take more than 8 doses in a 24 hour period.


Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredients. Always consult a physician before use.
This treatment does not apply to asthma-like symptoms caused by heart disease. More potent medicines may be necessary for severe asthma attacks. Asthma can be a serious health problem. Seek the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner. Turmeric should not be taken by people who are on blood-thinning medications.