Liberty Belts - 5G and EMF Protection

Liberty Belts - 5G and EMF Protection

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We have entered a new technological era where humanity, without choice, is immersed in 5G World without escape. Our best Tachyon answer is to stop 5G. 

Until then, there is an understanding. In order to thrive in the 5G World, we must elevate our energetic system to become a superconductor. The best path is to raise the biological energy throughout the human system to a level where the individual is unaffected by 5G and older technology.

The Liberty Belt with it's set of ULTRA Silica Disks increases the wearer’s energy level as it unblocks and rejuvenates the entire system and is indicated as part of a preventative 5G health practices.

Initially designed to help alleviate painful backs and intestinal imbalances. Its effectiveness is now considered one of the most valuable tools in maintaining a high energy system — a faithful partner in preventative 5G health practices. Healers have also found wearing the Liberty Belt during sessions increases their conductivity and the effectiveness of their treatments.

Versatile, the Tachyon liberty belt used in practices supplies a  "healing energy source" found to be beneficial when treating backs, abdomens, and many other large areas. Other popular uses include the car, on chairs, wheelchairs, and beds. Athletes, in particular, enjoy the extra energy during their workouts, significantly enhancing both endurance and performance. The Liberty Belt is a versatile and potent tool, so experiment.

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