Pure Tachyon Pleasure

Meditation With Tachyon Tools

Let the mundane fade away as you surround yourself in silken ecstasy the Tachyon way. 
Historically Tachyonized wraps and scarves have been used by men and women alike with equal results in reducing stress and balancing energies.
Only a continuous angelic hug could feel better than wrapping yourself with these nurturing and rejuvenating Tachyonized tools.

These Tachyonized meditation wraps and scarves attract large quantities of life force (Tachyon) energy. Light workers and meditators love the way it enhances their daily practice. Perfect for evenings out or for sitting meditation, and an elegant choice to help balance your energy field. 

You can wrap it around your entire body or slip it under the sheets for a peaceful Tachyon experience every night. Use it in meditation, prayer, or as an over the shoulder wrap.