Ultra-Balance Massage Oil PLUS

Ultra-Balance Massage Oil PLUS

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C.B.D. Infused Ultra Balance Massage Oil PLUS

The clear effects of our luxurious Tachyonized Massage Oil Plus infused with C.B.D. elevate your body to pure bliss. So naturally upgrading Massage Oil PLUS with Tachyon Micro-S, a NEW level of treatment effectiveness became achievable. The tiny Micro-S create a long-lasting, 9-foot Tachyon field that continually balances, heals, and protects the area until washed off.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make this product a wonderful choice for aches, pains, strains, stress, chronic fatigue, polio, MS, poor circulation, and lymphatic congestion. It leaves your skin smooth and alive. 
It is specifically formulated for massage therapists to relax and relieve sore and tense muscles. It's the perfect balance of absorption into the skin, leaving it silky smooth with an invisible Tachyon suit to continue the healing and balancing treatment. 

Our organic Tachyonized C.B.D. Isolate is combined with this premium Ultra-Balance Massage Oil, creating this exciting new product. Using 99.+% pure C.B.D. Isolate crystal powder is just another way we listen to and adapt to your requests. C.B.D. crystal isolate is derived from he-mp plants. We use only organic, lab certified 99.+% pure C.B.D. Isolate. No T.H.C., No GMO, No He-mp Oil.


Jojoba Oil , Amber Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Tachyon Micro-S, C.B.D. Isolate


As wonderful as it feels to get a massage, it feels even better to get a massage with this new Tachyon Micro-S infused Ultra Massage Oil Plus
The addition of the Micro-S infusion is amazing! So not only does your client receive healing and balancing properties, but now, with the infusion of Tachyon Micro-S, your client will literally leave wearing an invisible Tachyon suit, continuing your healing and balancing treatment until their next shower. Try and grasp what this will mean. 


Tachyonized Ultra Balance Massage Oil is available in 4 sizes: 
4 oz. (120ml) - 1100mg C.B.D. Isolate 0% T.H.C. per bottle
8 oz. (240ml) - 2200mg C.B.D. Isolate 0% T.H.C. per bottle
16 oz. (480ml) - 4400mg C.B.D. Isolate 0% T.H.C. per bottle
Special order size 128oz (3785ml) (contact support for special order and pricing)


Due to Ultra Balance Massage Oil properties, Tachyon Micro-S will float to the top after not being used for a while.
Before using shake vigorously until all ingredients are combined and there is no separation. 

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