Tachyonized Water and Live Blood Study

By Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Live-Blood research conducted in Germany in 1995 by researchers Joerg Rinne, HP and Peter Thomas found several significant results in this preliminary study. We would like to share two of these findings here. Using a dark-field microscope, they documented the effects Tachyonized™ Water has on live blood. 

The researchers were quite satisfied that this preliminary research demonstrates the substantial life-enhancing effects of Tachyonized™ Water. These photos document some of their findings and are excerpts from their original research project.

In this study human blood life-force serves as an intrinsic indicator for the qualitative changes induced by Tachyonized™ materials. The implications once again support our theories that Tachyon unequivocally effects the SOEFs (Subtle Organizing Energy Fields), thereby increasing their energy and ability to maintain neg-entropy, thus retaining life-force and form observed as cellular integrity. 

One observation was that red blood cell clumping was reversed in about 20 minutes. This confirmed Dr. Cousens' earlier dark-field study showing the same results in ten out of ten people. The second finding was that Tachyonized™ Water maintained the life-force of the original blood taken after exposure to Tachyon for eight hours. The other blood sample that had no Tachyon exposure completely deteriorated within the same eight hour period. You can view this in the photos below.     

Dark-Field Study of Live Blood

Tachyonized Water and Live Blood Study

Live blood studies demonstrate the ability of human blood to quickly absorb the energies needed to increase longevity. This is a significant discovery. Living a life of balance and joy can include a vital health body.

As Dr. Gabriel Cousens has stated: "Tachyonized Water might not be the key to immortality, but the research shows that it is a key to radiant health".

1997© by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.  
Published in 1999 in Tachyon Energy-A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing