Tachyon vs Frequency

Tachyon vs Frequency

Difference between Tachyon Energy and Frequency

FAQ Tachyon Question:
What frequency is Tachyon? Can Tachyon be measured as a frequency?

Another intuitive question.

The simple answer is: From a scientific understanding, everything is a part of Tachyon, yet Tachyon is not a part of anything.
Tachyon is the source of all frequencies.
All the frequency systems in our world strive for optimal balance.
The extraordinary fact is that all frequency systems convert from the Tachyon energy precisely what they need. No more, no less.

How does frequency healing work?
There are hundreds of different frequency therapies available and each functions at a different frequency level as well as different intensity. Some products produce a single frequency while others produce various frequencies.  

But one thing is clear. Frequency can deplete or destroy a SOEF (Subtle Organizing Energy Field)
Frequencies have no intelligence. They do not know when to start or stop. Therefore, using the correct frequency, correct intensity, and duration becomes a very serious concern.

Tachyon is totally different!
Tachyon solves all the problems of the frequency approach. You do not need to know what frequency you are dealing with because the SOEFs know exactly what frequencies they need. You also do not need to know the duration because when SOEFs reach a balance they simply stop converting Tachyons.

Tachyons create a new paradigm in holistic healing!

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