Breaker Box - EMF Protection

Breaker Box - EMF Protection

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5G and EMF Protection - At Home

5G by definition, is intended to penetrate all aspects of our social world. Inside our homes, bedrooms, cars, at work and even as we walk the isles at any store. Stop 5G! Meantime become proactive in your health.

The idea that "a single product does it all" does not work in the 5G World. To thrive in the 5G World, we must elevate our energetic system to become a superconductor. We offer the tools that can help achieve this goal. Research shows that using several Tachyonized tools in different areas of our lives is a proactive approach creating a synergistic outcome.

If we do this right, then the concept of surviving could be dropped and replaced with the word THRIVING in the 5G World. Unless stoped, exposure to 5G will continue to increase exponentially. We believe the only proactive solution is to become a superconductor.

Today, it’s possible to protect yourself, and your loved ones from electro-magnetic radiation exposure (EMFs) emitted in your home and workplace from appliances, computers––from anything that uses electricity. Research has proven, and experts report, that in most cases, Tachyonized tools are the solution. Install Tachyonized tools on your circuit breakers, smart meters, and then move on to computers wifi routers, cordless phones, blenders, juicers, Alexa, and OK Google to list just a few issues of our modern world. The tools below can help you resolve the EMF issue. Tachyonized products are currently used by health care professionals, distributors, and individuals in over 153 countries. Tachyonized tool solutions are the standard worldwide.

Of course all the products can be used to protect against 4G and EMF's. Read More - Why Tachyon and 5G

Tachyonized Disks Have Hundreds of Applications!

A few suggestions:

  • Put disks under the veggie drawer of your refrigerator to energetically enhance all your produce. 
  • Put a disk on top of your water dispenser to charge your drinking water. 
  • Use a Cube on the cord of your blender or juicer to protect your juices from EMF depletion. 

                                                                  More suggestions.

emf-protection-with-tachyon-disk-touchscreen.jpgnotebook-emf-protection-with-tachyon-product.jpg water-dispensers-tachyon.jpg charge-all-your-food-with-t.jpg  blender-with-tachyon.jpg notebook-emf-protection-with-tachyon-products.jpgmonitor-emf-protection-by-tachyon-products.jpg

The Electrical Breaker Box Installation Video


Our recommendation is to select complementary tools that fit your lifestyle and create a sacred space where you can continually strengthen. 
Don't worry, you can always add more as needed.