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U.S.A. PATENT GRANTED | David Wagner: Inventor

Government-backed proof that TachyonizedTM materials have an effect unlike anything else!

When first discovered in 1990 by David Wagner, the words tachyon, TachyonizationTM and TachyonizedTM were all abstract theories. Through years of diligent work, research and education, these complex theories have been legitimized and quantified and entered into mainstream alternative health care worldwide. TachyonizedTM materials have been proven to promote neg-entropy––a physics term which identifies the movement from disease, chaos, and disorder toward balance, health and order. In simple terms, Tachyonized materials promote rapid recovery and restoration of optimal biological balance that can generate radiant health.

The US patent 7760357 is a groundbreaking achievement for humanity. This patent, as well as all the global research, provides clear understanding that TachyonizedTM materials are not frequency tools because subatomic tachyon particles have no frequency; they are the progenitors of all energy frequencies. The power of this USA patent offers the users of TachyonizedTM material the absolute proof needed. This has significantly affected the product line of Advanced Tachyon Technologies. The US patent has firmly removed TachyonizedTM products off the fringe of science and squarely rooted its legitimacy as one of the preferred choices in alternative health, performance, agriculture, EMF protection, and cell phone protection––to name just a few of the many products offered. Unfortunately, TachyonizedTM products are still misunderstood by most. This leaves these remarkable tools on the outside of the mainstream market. Distribution and education has become a major objective of the company. The world needs to know about these remarkable, unduplicatable tools and products. This method of sharing has expanded the use of TachyonizedTM materials to 153 countries.

Such global success has brought about numerous competitors who, unfortunately, make claims that their products are TachyonizedTM. Yet time and time again they have all been unable to prove their claim. Only ATTI's products have been scientifically proven to be TachyonizedTM. Today, under USA Patent 7760357, testing of individual or company products that claim to be TachyonizedTM can be scientifically validated or proven false.


Tachyonized material test method 


Since the discovery and commercialization of TachyonizedTM products by Advanced Tachyon Technologies International many companies are claiming their products have been TachyonizedTM. Materials that have been TachyonizedTM have demonstrated a range of beneficial properties to biological organisms and processes. However, those companies making such claims do so without any foundation or proof. The Tachyonization process provides a simple and rapid test method to confirm the authenticity of TachyonizedTM materials.  

United States Patent 7,760,357
July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010




Wagner, David (Santa Rosa, CA)
Appl. No.: 12/141,463
Filed: June 18, 2008
Current U.S. Class:

356/366 ; 356/364; 435/219; 435/29

Current International Class:

 G01J 4/00 (20060101); C12N 9/50 (20060101); C12Q 1/02 (20060101)

Field of Search:

356/364-370 435/4,7.22,7.92,29,34,219 424/94.

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Primary Examiner:
 Nguyen, Sang 
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Sherman, Edward S.


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