Tachyon and Electronic Muscle Testing

Electronic Muscle Testing and Tachyon

tachyon-emt-testing.jpgThe objective of the next study was to determine if Tachyonized materials, when applied to specific organs or glands that were underactive or overactive, could be tested using an electronic muscle tester (EMT). The EMT is a development in technology that brings the useful technique of muscle testing into the area of scientific measurements. This might provide insight into whether Tachyonized materials would strengthen the body complex.

The technique of testing the strength or weakness of a muscle has been taught to chiropractors for many years. George Goodhart, D.C., has been one of the chief proponents. When the client puts a finger on a particular gland or organ and the muscle nearest it is tested, that muscle will normally test weaker in strength when the gland or organ is malfunctioning. 

For example, if a person is fighting an infection, the thymus gland (just under the throat) may be underactive. If a Tachyonized cell is applied to the thymus gland, any muscle will show an increase in strength. In other words, the Tachyonized cell quickly affects the body. If the same test is done without the Tachyonized cell on the thymus, the muscles would probably test significantly weaker. 

Practically any organ or gland or muscle group can be tested. The test depends on measurements of the muscle strength, or of some muscle group strength. Often one of the muscles in the arm is used, but the finger muscles are sometimes quicker and simpler to use. The person's judgement of muscle strength may be a necessary part of the procedure, which is a disadvantage because it brings a subjective component to the procedure that sometimes makes accuracy difficult. 

Although there are ways to self-test, it is not easy nor is it a sure way to attain accurate results, because again the individual may be biased in one direction or the other. 

EMT eliminates the need for another person to do the test. It is more objective and simpler to use. Of course, it is still not 100 percent objective, because motivation, intention, determination, and bias may influence the results. However, it is a significant advancement in muscle-testing procedures because it can be used by anyone anywhere. 

In order to select test subjects that had no previous affinity for Tachyonized materials, we set up  our research station at the Whole Life Exposition in New York and tested over 200 subjects. Using a blind method of testing, we eliminated most subjectivity. The participants were shown how the EMT worked, and once they were ready, the meter was shielded from their view. This eliminated their contribution to the results they thought they wanted. After developing a baseline, the participant would hold, wear, or cover their troubled area with Tachyonized materials. 

Results were always consistent. In all but a few cases we found that applying Tachyonized materials to a specific organ, gland or muscle group caused an increase in physical strength measured by the EMT.

Is is important to note that 5 of 200 people we tested had no marked increase in strength. There were also 3 of 200 people who were initially weaker when we applied Tachyonized materials. 

In all three cases we found that using a smaller cell always resulted in an increase in energy strength. We believe that this was the result of the body's absorption and utilization of the energy, which in all three cases if provided in large quantities would have caused a large physical detoxification, in our opinion. In many cases we had to switch to a higher scale in order to accurately record the new readings. Approximately fifteen individuals reacted so strongly to the Tachyonized materials that the EMT was not able to give us a top reading. Quite amazing was the fact that the EMT was able to accurately identify the body's desire (whether mental, emotional, or physical) to heal or detoxify. 

We found size to be of importance. It seemed that the whole area needed to be covered with Tachyonized materials to achieve the maximum EMT reading. Below is a small sampling of the data accumulated. 
Tachyon and EMT Electronic Muscle Testing
To achieve accurate readings, the baseline is always adjusted as close to zero as possible. For this reason all graphed readings referenced start to zero. 

Of the 200 people tested to see the effect of Tachyonized cell on body strength, 97.5 percent tested stronger and 2.5 percent showed no increase in strength. 

This study demonstrates the body's quick response to the balancing effects of Tachyonized materials. The EMT measured the SOEFs conversion of Tachyon into usable biological energy. This biological energy, when being used for strength, would naturally be used by the body to heal and rejuvenate the areas covered with the Tachyon antenna. 

A few people have reported that they have an initial sense of being overenergized by the Tachyonized materials. These people are not used to operating at a higher integrated energetic potential, which is exactly what happens with the use of Tachyonized tools. After a short period of time, everyone readjusts and becomes comfortable operating at a higher level of integration. This is a very positive effect. For many healings there are physical changes that can be felt. 

Tachyon energy is holistic in that it enhances a person's potential to heal on any level of energetic continuum. It does this by the direct reorganizing of the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs explained), which helps clear the blocks in the energy continuum. It does this by the direct reorganizing of the SOEFs, which helps clear the blocks in the energy continuum responsible for the energy deficiency of the underlying systems. Blocks can happen in any of the mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual bodies, and clearing a blockage in one body will reorganize that level and normally results in the completion of the healing process.