C.B.D. Isolate

C.B.D. Isolate

cbd-iso-image.pngGrowing studies have indicated that C.B.D. has the potential to help manage patients suffering in certain situations. From chronic pain, inflammation, skin disorders, anxiety, sleep deprivation, opioid addiction, and other ailments ranging from mild to very serious. It is not a cure-all. But it is exciting that C.B..D is bound by en.docan.nabin.oids and expressed throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Simpler terms? C.B.D. is assimilated throughout the system. Once Tachyonized, the ingested C.B.D. is taken by the body to exactly where it is needed. Through en.docan.nabin.oids we now have a new and effective delivery system to get Tachyon to hard to reach areas of the central and peripheral nervous systems. This is very exciting, and the current results have far exceeded all expectations.

The amazing Tachyon research project, which started in 2019, focuses on chemotherapy side-effect sufferers. We have developed a high potency product. It is called the Tachyonized Phase-III. A pure Tachyonized C.B.D. Isolate (10%) and Coconut oil (90%) blend. Reports at this writing, indicate more than 80% of the participants express a moderate to a high reduction in side effects during chemotherapy treatments. Very exciting indeed.

We are using only the highest quality, organic, 99%+ pure Colorado grown C.B.D. Isolate. 0% T.H.C.

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