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A Message From David

Hello 2020!

In 2018, I spent a lot of time recovering from the Tubbs Fire, which recycled all my family possessions. By the end of 2018, we moved out of temporary housing and into a more stable environment. The move has helped the family find a new level of normalcy.

2019, became an exciting year. I proclaimed I was working less, and the Tachyon family took care of the Tachyon world. 2019 has seen considerable Tachyon users grow through the USA warehouse and just as impressive has been the wholesale growth through our European Warehouse. It was a joy to witness such growth while I was outside the corporate ring.

In 2019 I took a step back and discovered a new flow of life. Relax, play in the garden, go on 2 holidays (wow), and create a new home nest. There it is, the mind playing it out. The magic happened between the moments of relaxing and work. There is where spirit flowed in the form of new creativity and Tachyon tools. In fact, I initiated more new product development and testing in 2019, than I had in the past several years combined. As I sit and laugh, I am delighted to see, that spirit is always flowing. And magic happens between the lines.

The Tachyon Team has never been so busy. The whole team is trying to keep up with all the new developing products since I have been working less. Dave Weber has been with me for 30 years. He is the behind the scene hero and the VP of manufacturing. Dave recently said, " dude, you need to stay out of the office and do what you do best. create"

So 2020. Funny, I started this leg of the Tachyon journey as an engineering supervisor working on the Harris digital 2020 network switch. The company moved me into 2020 willow side drive. I had my disabling accident while working on the 2020 network switch. And here I am with 2020 wrapped around me again.

2020 - Look at what is all around, with clarity. Embrace the spiritual unfolding between the lines of the mind. Accept. Enjoy. Relax.

Enjoying the ride.

Jan 15th 2020 David

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