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2. Vogel Wand Demo

Tachyon Vogel Wand 

I have been Tachyonizing™ and teaching Vogel Wand use, mainly to health care practitioners, since 1992.  Tachyonized Vogels are at the top of the list for intense Tachyonized Tools. This tool has also found it's way into meditators hands.  Held vertically in front of the heart while meditating or in prayer or chants, it invites the users total energetic system to expand and deepen as their system resonates with the vertical flow.  As a multi-dimensional tool the Tachyonized™ Vogel  is an outstanding tool for practitioners and those working on verticality.


Tachyon energy changing lives, in action.

This video is shot during a Vogel training course. The students are practicing different integration techniques.  If you look closely, you will see Tachyonized Vogels, Hybrids, and TP-1000 being used.  



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