Why You Need Tachyon for 5G Protection

5g-4.pngThere's never been a more crucial time to awaken our consciousness on this planet. We're living in dangerous times where our spirituality is tested daily. 

5G is here - and with it, a whole new level of EMF radiation exposure. But the good news is there’s a solution to this growing problem. The answer is 5G Tachyon Ultra Phone Disk and protection devices.

Many experts are growing concerned about the potential risks of 5G technology, and for good reason. Countless studies show that cellphone radiation can be highly dangerous to our health. 

More than 220 scientists  from over 40 countries express "serious concerns" over the EMF waves created by our electronic devices.

This comes even before the release of 5G, showing our leaders are neglecting to focus on our health. And unfortunately, the damage of this technology is only going to get worse over time.

That's why it's important to protect yourself from the 5G global rollout. 


Apr 14th 2022 Tachyon Support

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