Tachyonized Brain Balancer


*Deluxe Eye and Sleep Mask.

  • Tachyonized Brain Balancer
  • Tachyonized Brain Balancer
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tachyon-new-product-small.png  Tachyon Brain Balancer/Sleep Mask

This is in response to all the requests for a 100% cotton, Blackout, Tachyonized Sleep Mask with 360 degree coverage.

The Tachyonized Brain Balancer is unique in its 360-degree coverage, encouraging your expanding journey. As the Tachyon energy syncs and harmonizes both the left and right hemispheres of your brain, stress fades and equilibrium returns. Brain balancer is ultra-soft and very pleasant to the skin. With the near-total darkness design, it is pleasurable to be embraced by the harmonizing energy surrounding your face, head and ears, and improving your physical and emotional health.  Easy Velcro closure helps you to have the exact fit you need.

Whether you are young or young at heart, you will love the gentle expanding experience. It is perfect for meditation or just simply drifting into blissful sleep. It is made of Tachyonized cotton and a special Tachyonized cushioning material that creates a luxurious fit and nurturing comfort for deep relaxation and sleep. 


Tachyonized Brain Balancer with easy velcro closing 
Velvet drawstring travel pouch


What an experience! Many individuals are using this powerful tool for meditation and blissful sleep. Tachyonized Brain Balancer can also help your brain with memory, focus and cognitive functions. Designed to help improve connections in the brain, creating more coordinated harmony. This Brain Balancer is also beneficial in balancing specific eye issues, soothing headaches and sinus problems, and facilitating peaceful sleep. 
Very comfortable, breathable & adjustable for sleeping, traveling, relaxing. 


Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent and dry flat.
NOTE: To keep the Brain Balancer clean from oil, cream, mascara or makeup, please use soft tissue on your eyes and forehead. 



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