Dear Tachyon Family,

The rumors are true! We will be packing up the three 53-foot semis with everything Tachyon.

Read how:
Since 1989, we have Joyfully called Santa Rosa home. My 4 boys have grown up here. 2 of the boys and Tachyon were born here. Several family members and friends have passed here. Our roots run deep.

However, over the past years, I have been heard the whispers of change. And then the whispers became shouts. On October 8th, 2017, the Tubbs Firestorm took everyone by surprise. 5643 structures were burnt to the ground. Karrie and Arcturus, and my entire family, had only minutes to evacuate as the fire surround us on three sides. We escaped with only the clothes on our back. As a vertical being returning to our home, only to find ash and with so much history lost, the whispers became shouts.

Relocate the entire Tachyon ecosystem to a new area. This shout took backstage as we realized how deep our roots had grown. But existence continued to shout. 2018, we were evacuated for two weeks. 2019 we were evacuated for 9 days. Sept 2020 fire burned several friend's homes, including, for you old-timers, Star Dewar's home. The fire marched to within 2 miles from my son's and Zuzka and Henry's home. Ok, enough shouting!

So we said yes! We will relocate!

With the Yes of acceptance came a rush of Joy as we fell into the flow of existence.

A new city for Tachyon was identified. Colorado Springs. We all took trips to explore and feel our connection to the Springs. It was unanimous. The new homes for the entire team (less 4) were found almost effortless. And then a new Tachyon center materialized.

I have been so blessed to witness how this touched the team and how everyone has found new joy. To arrive as designed, everyone has tumbled into the flow, making this happen.

Has it been easy? Well, no one ever said being on the right path is easy. Really, it is an amazing amount of work. For me, it has been a joy to lead the Tachyon team on a life path adventure. They are my heroes. And through their actions, they have all proven that they heard the shout and the time is now.

The team designed the moving structure to avoid any USA company shut down. As well as prepare the next Holland shipments. It is a joy to see the collaboration creating a zero shut down theme. The move will be in waves with completion before January 18th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day that reminds us, that we are all One and capable of so much more than we let ourselves believe.

So please, join us in the flow, as we all make the world a safer, more joyous place to call home. And always remember to listen to whispers before they become shouts.

Loving Thoughts

David Wagner

Oct 30th 2020 David

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