Q. Can you suggest the best product for balancing my pubescent 13-year-old son?

Can you suggest the best product for balancing my pubescent 13-year-old son? He is driving me crazy.

Good Question. Puberty is a rite of passage.

We can sometimes forget that " discovering who we are" while hormones explode left and right is challenging for both teens and adults. It is an amazing period in one's inner and outer journey of discovery. Truly there is nothing to make them act like 11 again or quickly mature them. Fortunately, there are some excellent Tachyon tools to help one on their journey.

One of my favorite tools is the  Mini-V pendants not only convey calm and balance to the wearer, and at the same time, they neutralize the disruptors from EMFs and 5G, which is severely unbalancing by itself. This leaves the question of which Mini-V would serve best.

Most Mini-V pendants produce the same famous energy field and effects. The exceptions are the Knight Mini-V, which is slightly more potent, and the Freedom Pendant, which is larger and considerably stronger. You know your teen. Find the pendant that will suit them. You may also always consider the Vintage pendant as an excellent alternative.

My final words on this is a personal sharing. Three of my boys would explode on the journey. As the balance starts to return. They would often come to me and say, dad, sorry about... I was just being hormonal. At that moment, we had a balancing acceptance.

My experience is when they understand the journey, they can see what is them and what is not.

These challenging times will pass. Just know there are many excellent Tachyon tools developed to assist this fantastic discovery time.

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Apr 28th 2022 Tachyon Support

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