NEW Tachyonized Products Available

Based on the suggestions and requests from our customers, we are constantly working on new Tachyonized products and today we are happy to introduce our expanding CBD Product Line.

Adding Tachyonized CBD is just another way we listen to and adapt to your requests. CBD oil is a compound found naturally in marijuana and hemp plants. It doesn’t cause the “high” feeling associated with cannabis, which is caused by THC. We use only organic, lab certified 99.+% pure CBD Isolate that has No THC, No GMO and No Hemp Oil.

In addition to our already popular seller the Panther Juice Plus 60ml, we added a new size Panther Juice Plus 90ml roll-on bottle as well as the new Ultra Freeze Plus 90ml roll-on bottle and the 60ml bottle

These fast and effective Topical Pain Relief Formulas combined with the benefits of our high-quality Tachyonized CBD penetrate deep into muscles and tissues delivering Tachyon directly to the source of the issue.

We also added a brand new Ultra Balance Massage Oil Plus in different sizes. This luxurious massage oil is infused with our Tachyonized CBD to elevate your body to pure bliss. 

Jul 9th 2021 Beate

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