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California on fire, again

Global climate changes are catching up. In California, we have had droughts that have turned a lush forest into firewood.

When our home was destroyed last year, it was during the worst fire disaster in history. And now, just a few days ago, a small fire erupted on a particularly windy day and within 2 hours, a town named Paradise, home to about 30,000 people, was burnt off the planet. Every home, business, and infrastructure are gone. 33 firefighters and 9 policemen serving the community, have nowhere to go after the battle is over. Everyone else? All homes are gone, all jobs are gone, all infrastructure is gone, 6600 buildings gone. But what I really feel, is the pain of the families and loved ones who must face that their beloved is one of the growing numbers of those who did not escape the firestorm.

Join me and everyone here at Tachyon in a 14-day meditation, (or prayer) at 8:05 AM to 8:10 AM PST sending loving energy to those devastated.

Let these disasters revive or elevate your connection to the divine and appreciation for the life you are in. And then count your blessings and share them with your world. We all have so much to be grateful for.

Loving thoughts,


Nov 14th 2018 David

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