Tachyonized Life-Pad - For Your Pets!

  • Tachyonized Life-Pad - For Your Pets!
  • Tachyonized Life-Pad - For Your Pets!
  • Tachyonized Life-Pad - For Your Pets!
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A 5G-Power Pick™   

This powerful Tachyon antenna attracts energy, bringing balance to the SOEFs (SOEFs Explained). It is a very versatile product. 

The Tachyonized Pet-Pad is comprised of an insert made with a revolutionary Tachyonized Aero-Fiber covered in fabric, and a 1-inch foam cushion encased in a durable fabric sleeve with a zippered closure. The Pet-Pad will become your pet’s favorite place to just hang out. If your pet is feeling blue they tend to gravitate towards the Pet-Pad as they are intuitive and know that it will help them. No matter what your pet’s breed is or type of pet the Pet-Pad is a must have.

Be proactive, not reactive and let you pets Thrive in the 5G world.


There are numerous ways to use the Tachyonized Pet-Pad:

  1. Pet car seats – It may help your pet with anxiety during the ride.
  2. Pet beds and favorite sleeping places
  3. Horse saddle pad – especially for race horses
  4. Cat trees and resting areas


The Pet-Pad measures approximately 16 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 1 1/2" (41cm x 26,20cm x 3,70cm)
The Aero-Fiber insert alone measures approximately 15" x 10 1/2" x 1/16" (37,5cm x 26,20cm x 0,5cm)


Remove the Aero-Fiber insert and foam pad from the zippered cover. The cover may be washed in the machine on gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat. The Aero-Fiber is to be gently hand washed by sponging the fabric with soap and water. Do not immerse in water - do not wring or twist. Lay flat to air dry.



Tachyonized Pet-Pad has been a life saver to many pets.
Here is just one of the ways Tachyon has saved a beloved family member:

“My wonderful Yorkshire Terrier at the age of 2 years was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. She would not eat or drink and was in a lot of pain. She also had trouble walking, I took her into the vet and they kept her all day and gave her fluids and some pain medication to make her comfortable. When the vet called me, they told me that they did not think she would make it through the night. I made the decision to bring her home so that if she was going move on that she was with us in her own bed surrounded by family. When I brought her home I wrapped silica disks around her belly, put a Tachyoned Pet-Pad underneath her and then wrapped her all up with a Meditation Wrap. Well, she made it through the night and then to my surprise she got up and started to drink some water on her own. Later that day she ate a little bit and then made it through the next night and the one after that. She got stronger with each passing day. Tachyon saved her life and our family is grateful for that. She lived to be 14 years old, at which point she did pass away with us holding her in our arms.”

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