Tachyon Set of 4 Sun Spots ≈ #1 Home Energy Neutralizer

  • Tachyon Energy Products - Sun Spots are the best tools for rooms that need protection and rejuvenation due to harmful electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, cell phone pollution, and dissonant energy patterns.
  • Compare Sun-M on the left through the sun-XXL on the right
  • Tachyon Products - Sun Spots will surround your home and work-space with life-enhancing energy throughout the space in which they are placed. A peaceful, tranquil, EMF safe environment is the result.
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A 5G-Power Pick™   

Whole Space Transformation. 
Sun Spots (approx. 50mm/2 inches) are the best Tachyonized tools for rooms that need protection and rejuvenation due to harmful electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, 3G, 4G and 5G milli-wave pollution, and dissonant energy patterns. Perfect for homes, large rooms, work environments, meeting spaces, meditation rooms, sanctuaries or anywhere you want to create the most energetically enhanced environment possible.

Each Sun Spot is approximately 50mm X 30mm and they come in a set of 4, with all 4 intended for use together as a set in one area. Each of the four Tachyonized Sun Spots puts out a Tachyon energy field that extends approximately 27 meters (90 feet) at a 90° angle. As the Tachyons of one Sun Spot intersects with another, a NEO Field, or sweet spot, is generated. This is profoundly amplified as the Tachyons flowing from the four Sun Spots collide and create a synergistic effect of expanding NEO Field (NEO Field Explained).

Developed in 1993 by Professor David Wagner, these highly sought after Tachyon tools were exclusively available through workshops and the University of Integrated Science, CA. Professor Wagner has asked for them to be made available to everyone.


The Tachyon Sun Spots, for many will be an important part of thriving in a 5G world. They are used as the base tool in creating a sacred space. Once placed, they transform your home and workspace environments with life-enhancing energy. A peaceful, tranquil baseline environment is the result. Sun Spots are used to counteract the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and cell phone radiation including 5G milli-waves that disrupt and destabilize biological systems. 

Sun Spots are Tachyons' best tool for rooms that are depleted due to EMFs, electrosmog, spherics (weather generated frequencies), geopathological fields, cellphone pollution or human dissonant behavior patterns. They are excellent for homes, large rooms, work environments, and meeting spaces. Anywhere you want to support and promote mental clarity, purification, concentration and a meditative clear energy environment.


Sun Spots come in a set of four, specifically designed for all four to be used in the same space. The desired effect is best achieved when the Sun Spots are placed in an ‘X' formation as described in the instructions below. Placed in the appropriate manner, Sun Spots are designed to facilitate the flow of Tachyon, which energizes and bifurcates energies creating a clear energetic space as well as a most excellent balanced atmosphere.


Tachyon Sun Spots are 50mm X 30mm and come in a set of 4.


Place one Sun Spot in each of the four corners of a room/house with the wide side facing out (away from the wall towards the center of the house). Place them so that all the beams will meet in the center of the room/house making an ‘X' formation. The outer edge of the X represents the four corners of the room. As the Tachyons of one Sun Spot intersects with another, a NEO Field, or Sweet spot is generated. This is profoundly amplified as the four Tachyons flowing out of the sunspots intersect creating a synergistic effect of expanding NEO Fields.  Sun Spots can be placed in the corners of the room, either on the floor or ceiling, whatever your preference.

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A Note from David Wagner

david-1.jpgI share this in all workshops, face to face. But today I am sharing the insight here, with you.

These professional Crystal tools are hand polished on state of the art lapidary equipment. We don't use any faceting machines as our master cutters would lose connection with the piece they are creating. So it is standard to see minor cosmetic "freckles".  Every single piece is unique - like you and me. I believe the freckles give the piece personality and character. Freckles never change the Tachyonization™ power or potential of this professional tool. 

Enjoy them as the gift they were created to be, transformational tools.

Special Note:

Due to the size there may be minor cosmetic variables on the rear dichroic glass lamination. They in no way affect this amazing tool’s effectiveness.


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