Pet Pendant - Protects and Balances

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Use this Tachyon energy product for protection from harmful effects of 5G milli-waves and electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) while strengthening your pet's lifeforce and vitality. 

The aluminum Tachyon Pet Pendant is designed to hold a small portion of Tachyonized beads in the enclosed vessel. Simply attach it to your pet's collar to be used as a Pet Pendant or connect it to your keychain for an extra energy boost. The pendant is permanently sealed using industrial sealant. 

One of the only tools in the world designed to not only increase your pet’s vitality, but protect it from the negative effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and 5G milli-waves. In instances where the pet is out of balance due to illness or injury, the energy of the Tachyonized beads will address the imbalance, with the energy being used as it is needed. It is always recommended that the animal wear the Pet Pendant for a few days after the symptoms have cleared to ensure complete balance.

The Tachyonized beads’ multi-directionality creates a true Tachyon Ultra Product, as defined by Professor Wagner - (ULTRA products explained


The Pet Pendant enhances your pet's energy and negates the disruptors of the 5G field technologies helping your pet to move towards higher levels of order and balanceSimply attach the Pet Pendant to any collar and start raising the health and vitality of your pet today.


2" (5.08cm) tall by 1/2" (1.27cm) wide 



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