5G Freedom Pendant

  • 5G Freedom Pendant
  • 5G Freedom Pendant
  • 5G Freedom Pendant
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 5G-Power Pick 

Through David Wagner comes yet another original thought. The Freedom Pendant, with its opposing Tachyonized Vertical-Crystal and Air-Gap deployment, was explicitly designed for those in the 5G world.

From the outside, the Freedom has been described as lovely, cool, and even stately. The cutout word TACHYON is unique and allows you to see the upper crystal. But what's inside? Even as I try and describe it, I find words lack the power to truly convey what is and what it does. Like so many of Wagner's original thoughts, the imagery simply does not exist. Yet.


Wagner explains the expansive experience is attributable to the two different-sized opposing Tachyonized Vertical-Crystals with the perfect air-gap. The outcome? This new use of the air-gap allows for the Tachyon collision time to truly develop. The Freedom pendants are so unique, they are comparable to nothing. The effects are a bubble-like field that keeps frequency bifurcations at a minimum. Each individual is different, but please be aware that the 5G Freedom pendant series can have powerful and surprising effects*. 

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All designs are based on surgical stainless steel.

Length: 43mm base to top - 1.7 inches tall (43mm) 
Width: 10mm wide - 0.39 inches wide (10mm)
Weight*: 17 grams without the chain.
(*in comparison the Mini-Vs weight between 12 and 16 grams)


Since the top is open, keep out of water.

We recommend starting slowly and increasing the wearing time as you feel yourself adjusting to it. Normal end usage is to wear all the time, taking off to sleep.  

For some sensitive individuals, they may find it beneficial to storing the pendant in a vertically hanging position when not in use. For example, hanging the pendant in a closet.  This may help some individuals sleep patterns. For many others, they enjoy sleeping with the Freedom pendant near.  Personal exploration is suggested.

If at any time the energy expands larger than what is comfortable, do not stress. It is a signpost to how powerfully the Tachyon 5G pendant is working. If at any time one feels the need for a break, they can easily remove the pendant, and the effects quickly dissipate. Then when ready, try again. Typically each time they wear the 5G Freedom pendant, a new expanded and comfortable level is achieved. Eventually, the energy will not be noticeable while wearing. This is normal and expected. Now simply turn and notice, enjoy and evolve through the way life is. 

The 5G Freedom pendant is a powerful tool as part of our journey to thrive in the world of 5G. 

** Free Chain included with each 5G Freedom pendant. Chains are not Tachyonized. Chain style may differ from that shown, based on current stock. There is no way to request a "free chain" design change and there is no warranty for free chain.

In the following video, one independent researcher Dr. Gabriel Cousens, a world-renowned author and life extension scientist, explains the Tachyon solution to the 5G personal protection.  

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