[5G Power Pick] The Ultra Vintage Pendant, with its encased Tachyon Ultra discs, negate the 5G disruptors from bifurcating and depleting the wearer's life force energy and protecting the user from the 5G milliwave disruptors.
Ultra-Disks promote a life-enhancing energy field that protects the wearer from both 5G and EMFs as it encourages whole system energy balance.

[USA Patented] The World's only USA Patent in Tachyonization. 

[Stylish 5G Pendant] Perfect choice for those who need a stylish personal 5G protection tool. Attractive as it is functional, the 5G Vintage helps to increase vitality and protect the wearer from 5G Milliwaves and all older 4G, 3G, and EMFs. A proactive part of a preventative 5G health practice. 

[Feel Energetic] Enjoy the 5G Ultra Vintage Pendant Anytime. The Tachyonized Ultra Disk continuously increases the wearer's energetic balance and wellbeing. The Ultra Vintage Pendant expands and charges the wearer's core energetic system. So it is more than just the essential 5G personal protection device.

[Positive Energy] Tachyonized Ultra Disks stabilize energetic imbalances, providing actual life-enhancing energy expansion. Wear whenever possible as part of a proactive personal survival kit for the 5G world.

[Life Changing] The 5G Vintage Pendant stops the bifurcations of all 5G disruptors and EMFs. When 5G milliwave bifurcations no longer deplete you, your life can blossom.  When 5G ceases to drain you, you may start looking forward to the shifts and changes from wearing the Ultra vintage pendant full time. The Tachyon Vintage energetically assists in creating a life-enhancing energy field that helps the user recover and maintain their energetic balance. 

[Size] HQ stainless steel 30mm (1-3/16 inch) outside diameter with a 20mm (0.8 inch) Tachyonized Ultra Disk inside. 6.38mm and 15g (0.53 oz) weight.

[Free Gift] A 20-inch chain is included, allowing you to start wearing your new 5G Tachyon Vintage Pendant immediately.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A 5G-Power Pick - The Ultra EMF Vintage Pendant is Ultra Disk Strong, Ultra Protection! The Vintage Pendant, with its encased larger Ultra discs, expands and charges the central system horizontally. The wearer may come to feel the expansion quicker than with other 5G Tachyon pendants. The Tachyonized Ultra Vintage is a powerful Neo-Field generating pendant. An effective 5G personal protection device. Attractive as it is useful, the Vintage helps to both increase vitality and protect the wearer from EMFs and as part of a preventative 5G health practice. Wear the pendant every day to benefit from the new 24mm Ultra Disk’s effects.

One of the only tools in the world designed to not only increase the wearer's vitality but to be used as part of preventive 5G health solution to also protect them from the harmful effects of 5G and EMFs as well. In instances where someone is out of balance due to illness or injury, the Vintage can help stabilize and restore imbalance, emitting positive, life enhancing energy as needed.

Designs and Colors:
The Vintage Pendants come in a variety of designs and accent colors which are visible within the design openings. Please click on the thumbnail images to see the available options. The exterior of the Vintage Pendant is stainless steel, and a free chain is included**.

30mm (1-3/16 inch) outside diameter with a 24mm (15/16 inch) Ultra Disk inside. 6.38mm (1/4") thick, and 15g (0.53 oz) weight.

** Free Chain included with each pendant. Chains are not Tachyonized. Chain style may differ from that shown, based on current stock. There is no way to request a "free chain" design change and there is no warranty for free chain.