5G Carmonizer - Gold

  • 5G Carmonizer - Gold
  • 5G Carmonizer - Gold
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5G-Power Pick - Tachyon ULTRA Carmonizer™ Gold (Car Harmonizer)

The Tachyonized 5G Carmonizer is a perfect affordable tool designed to counter 5G in the car. It also harmonizes EMFs, 3G, and 4G. To thrive in a 5G World, we must proactive in all areas of life.

The cockpit of a car expos the driver to a plethora of different EMF's, 4G and now 5G sources! Many are originating the moment; the start button is depressed. 

The 5G carmonizer bathe you in a rich Tachyon field and the expansive Neo Field. Every 5G Carmonizer comes with an Ultra Micro-Disk sealed in the chamber. Powerful protection. Safe and good for a lifetime. 



The 5G Carmonizer's power comes from a Tachyonized ULTRA Microdisk. Once installed and aimed (in this case) at the driver, The 5G Carmonizer will perform effortlessly. As you're bathed in the harmonizing energy of the Tachyon ULTRAs, you will almost certainly feel the difference. Driving with a 5G Carmonizer is a welcomed experience. Try it for a few weeks and enjoy a welcome shift in your overall sense of well being. And that, we guarantee!

You may install one for the driver, and one for the passenger to enjoy a communal equilibrium. 
Works in most cars, trucks and RVs. Fits most vent systems. Slide the Carmonizer onto the vent and point it towards the desired recipient. Easy as one-two-three.


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Easily fits most venting systems     
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Contraindications and Cautions:  


Try it for a few weeks and enjoy a shift
in your overall sense of well being.

And that we guarantee!
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