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Valentine's Day

I enjoy Valentine’s time of year.                                         

I see:

Sharing without hesitation how another enriches your world. Be true and give the gift that nurtures the divine in your beloved.

Self Love
The support of your true nature and your divine unfolding. Loving the parts of yourself that are enriching your life, and forgiving the perceived imperfections, make room for the divine. And dance. There is no one more deserving of your love and affection than yourself. Love you first, and the rest will follow.

Loving others
Without the ego’s need to have reciprocation. Let that go! The true joy of love is a bubbling river from within that illuminates your divine presence. If others notice, they will be blessed. But their approval should never be a goal. Avoid this ego trap. Only when you hold back do you lose love.

Live a life of love
It is so easy to miss out on how precious life is. Once you were 7 years old, and now….. How fast time moves. The body’s time is closing in. So love and live life in celebration that even your body will fail and your spirit will be set free. But in-between, oh, Love!

Time to Dance, Love and Share the Divine!




Feb 13th 2019 David

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