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A Note from David


Just coming back from China Workshops. Great workshops and people. Everyone loved the work and Tachyon tools. Usha and Raj, two Tachyon Wholistic Wellness trainers from last years Tachyon teacher training, will continue the work.

China was very interesting. One notable fact to share is China is pushing 5G networking hard. Billboards and advertisements everywhere. One huge billboard only said, in English, "5G - Say Hello!" There is no choice and no proactive solutions available. In fact, I didn't find any native that knew about the dangers of cell phones, EMFs or the upcoming 5G technologies. China intends to be the world source for 5G technology.

It was interesting to find everyone must have a smartphone, as China is basically a cashless economy. Everyone pays through their phone. I witnessed someone tip a street musician, with their smartphone! Rose, our organizer, shared that no one really uses or has cash. Everything is electronic, via their smartphone.

It seemed everyone must have the latest models. I now have a new perspective of what extreme use means. And it is a truly alarming outlook.

We are so fortunate to be able to talk about the issues, freely, and have the tools and freedom to be proactive.

Have a loving week,

Sep 17th 2019 David

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