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Tachyon Phone Micro-Disk 3-Pack - Save Money, Protect 3 Phones from EMFs



5G-Power Pick (LINK) - Human-made EMFs, 3G and 4G signals are only a small part of the 5G world.

3 DISK KIT -- Numerous studies suggest long term use of harmful EMF emitting devices can cause serious ailments and disease. The newest generations of cellphones, 5G, will operate near the highest frequencies of the radio wave spectrum. These hazardous electromagnetic fields emanating from hand-held devices disrupt the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) of the body and can cause major imbalances. In order to thrive in the 5G world, we must elevate our energetic system to become a superconductor. Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disks transform these disruptive wave patterns of harmful EMFs into a coherent, positive, life-enhancing field protecting the user. 

Use on any type of mobile phone including cordless or a regular home phone and other small electronic devices like tablets, iPads, iPods, Game Boys,… or any hand held electronic product. Powerful protection in 5G world. Safe. Good for a lifetime.


The Tachyon Micro-Disk transforms the disruptive wave patterns of harmful EMFs into a coherent, positive, life-enhancing field protecting you and your loved ones. It is a crucial part in becoming unaffected by 5G frequencies. With a Micro-Disk on your phone and electronic devices, and common-sense precautions, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that you are fully protected!*


Use the Tachyon Phone Micro-Disk on any type of phone including mobile, cordless and regular home phone, or on any small electronic device such as an iPod, iPad, tablet, Game Boy and hand-held palm pilots. It is indicated as an important part in 5G cell phone protection. 


The Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk is available in singles, 3 pack or a family kit which contains 5 Micro-Disks. 
The size of the phone Micro-Disk is 24mm or 0.94 inch. This is the diameter of the inner silver-colored disk of compressed silica.


The Tachyonized Phone Micro-Disk comes attached to a double-sided adhesive glue dot. Simply peel off the paper backing, exposing the side that says "Energy flows from this side". Place this energy side over the clean, dry surface of the phone's battery compartment. Do not cut into the plastic lamination for any reason. The purpose of the lamination is to protect the fragile inner disk of compressed silica.

Contraindications and Cautions:

*The Tachyon Phone Micro-Disk is a crucial part of an overall plan for cell phone safety and 5G protection. However, for ultimate protection, especially for heavy users, we strongly recommend limiting your exposure and avoiding holding your device close to your head or body for extended periods of time.


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