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Silk and Pashmina - Meditation Wrap - Blissful for all Occasions - Warehouse will choose based on availability.

MSRP: $155.48
— You save $3.11


This Tachyon product is a Tachyonized silk meditation wrap that covers you with healthy, healing energy and protects you from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMFs). 

New designs! Perfect for evening out or for sitting meditation, and an elegant choice to help balance your energy field.

The Tachyonized™ Meditation Wrap is made of fine silk (30%) and pashmina (70%), soft, sheer, colorful and elegant, this wrap is unique addition to any Tachyon tool set. Feels great.

Please note: Expect some color variations.


The lightweight silk-pashmina blended material makes it a perfect traveling companion. Use it in meditation, prayer, or as an over the shoulders wrap. You can also wrap this around your body as a skirt or get creative with it and have fun.


Size: Approximately 68" x 27" (173cm x 69cm)


Dry clean or hand wash with mild soap, then allow to air dry. This will preserve the life of the fabric.


This is a fine garment, so please treat it accordingly to preserve the material.

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