Panther Juice & Freeze

Panther Juice & Freeze


Panther Juice and Ultra Freeze have been perennial #1 best sellers since they were first created. 

The Tachyon Micro-S signifies a breakthrough that we have incorporated into our standard topical delivery methods in a profound new way. READ MORE

These fast and effective Topical Pain Relief Formulas penetrate deep into muscles and tissues delivering Tachyon directly to the source of the issue. Used globally by thousands for pain reduction of any external pain, injuries, soreness, arthritis, carpal tunnel, neck pain, foot pain, knee pain or anywhere on your body that needs pain relief. Panther Juice and Ultra Freeze are unrivalled pain relief formulas. 100% organic.

Choose between the cooling formula Ultra Freeze, or the warming formula Panther Juice. An unrivaled topical pain formula. Which do you want? The cooling Ultra Freeze or the warming (Panther Juice)? Both, maybe?