Framed Teardrop Pendant 14kt. Gold

MSRP: $298.48
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14KT - Special Sale - This Pendant is made from Tachyonized Teardrop Energy Cell surounded by a thick frame of gold. Chain is not included.

All of our Tachyonized Pendants are designed to be worn over the thymus gland. The Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) of the thymus gland converts Tachyon into the various frequencies that are needed to create order and harmony. This helps to protect the immune system from the draining and damaging effects of the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that are generated by all electrical appliances, computers, TV sets, and hairdryers to name a few. Even your car's electrical system can be draining to the body. Tachyonized Pendants work by charging the SOEFs of the body so that EMFs and other hazardous influences are unable to drain your energy field. In fact, wearing a Tachyonized Pendant on the thymus and taking Tachyonized Water is a potent recipe for youthing and longevity.


The Tachyonized Pendants are particularly valuable for those experiencing fatigue or immune system dysfunctions.



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