EMFs ≈ Home and Office

EMFs ≈ Home and Office

Today, it’s possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from electro-magnetic radiation exposure (EMFs) emitted in your home and workplace from appliances, computers––from anything that uses electricity. Research has proven, and experts report, that in most cases, Tachyonized tools actually resolve the EMF issue. Tachyonized disks have been sold to users and companies in over 153 countries. They are the standard worldwide.


Tachyonized Disks Have Hundreds of Applications!

A few suggestions:

  • Put disks under the veggie drawer of your refrigerator to energetically enhance all your produce. 
  • Put a disk on top of your water dispenser to charge your drinking water. 
  • Use a Cube on the cord of your blender or juicer to protect your juices from EMF depletion. 

                                                                  A few Common Uses.

emf-protection-with-tachyon-disk-touchscreen.jpgnotebook-emf-protection-with-tachyon-product.jpg water-dispensers-tachyon.jpg charge-all-your-food-with-t.jpg  blender-with-tachyon.jpg notebook-emf-protection-with-tachyon-products.jpgmonitor-emf-protection-by-tachyon-products.jpg