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Cell-Dotts - The Simple Way to Adhere Micro-Disks or Cells to the Body



The simple way to adhere Tachyonized Micro-Disks or Energy Cells  to your body. The Cell-Dotts are a double sided adhesive. These Dotts are hypoallergenic and even individuals with sensitive skin can usually use them. Hot water will loosen the adhesive, so remove the Energy Cells/Micro-Disks before you get into the shower, bath or sauna. Remember, the Energy Cells are made of glass and they can break if they fall off your body.

The Cell-Dotts are NOT Tachyonized.


Fingernails are helpful here! Peel off the white paper circle and place the Cell/Micro-Disk on the exposed adhesive. Then carefully lift the Energy Cell/Micro-Disk and the adhesive backing off of the remaining paper and place on the body.


Cell-Dotts are available in packs of 50 in individual 8mm, 15mm, 24mm, and 30mm sizes. There is also a multi-pack containing 20 dotts each of the 15mm, 24mm, and 30mm size.

Cell-Dotts are not reusable.




Adhesive Cell Dotts is a Tachyon energy product used to adhere Tachyonized Micro-Disks and Energy Cells  to your body, phones, cellphones, computers, ipads, electrical appliances and devices.

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